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Top Digital Marketing Trends you need to watch out for in 2020

Digital Marketing is a very dynamic space. What worked for brands today may not work tomorrow. It is tough to predict the trends. Similarly, all the major platforms are bringing in new updates every week to keep up with the demands of the users and to stay relevant in the space.
Here is a list of updates that may be a big thing in the year 2020:
•    Chatbots:
Many companies and pages are testing their AI and Chatbots and are trying to make them as human as possible. In times where the reach of messenger marketing and email marketing is slowly decreasing, Chatbots that can interact smoothly is going to be a big thing in the upcoming year.
•    Instagram Music:
Instagram launched its much-awaited Instagram Music feature in their stories, and people are going crazy over them. This may open a whole new kind of marketing for brands that had planned to take on Tik-Tok and Snapchat. Let’s wait and watch what the future holds for them.
•    Tik-Tok:
People have announced, this a crazy fast-growing platform. Many brands have already invested in Tik-Tok by hiring influencers that can create fantastic content on the platform. This can be the next big platform for influencers to work on after Instagram.
•    The Big 3 integration:
The news of the integration of Facebook and its Sister concerns, WhatsApp and Instagram, has taken everyone by storm. With the talks of WhatsApp Business Marketing being a great opportunity, people are waiting to see how things will work out for them after the integration.
•    Targeted Ads:
One of the significant Pros of online marketing is that you can target your potential customers based on location, gender, spending capacity and many more. But with so much data afloat, hyper-targeted ads are the next step to be taken by the marketers to sell their products and services more effectively.
•    Neuromarketing:
This is a concept that has been in existence for almost two decades now, but not much has been seen of it. Digital Marketers are slowly picking up the neuromarketing aspects in their strategies that involve the type of colours used for different brands, thermal heat map testings, type of fonts that induces buying and many more. This concept revolves around using the psychology of people into making them come to a purchase decision.
Many other updates are anticipated, that can blow up in the year 2020, at the same time, some updates may not even exist yet, but rule the marketing world. So let’s stay hooked and find out what makes it to the trending list with Infogenx

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