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Do you want to promte your service and products through Digital Marketing?

Best Digital Marketing Company in Australia

Creating an awesome website and not taking any further steps to rank on search engines may bring a huge impact on your business. The services you provide may not reach your target audience until you display it on the first page of search engine results. Did you know? 75% of people look only into the first page results of search engines and never scroll more!

Here is Where Digital Marketing Steps in!

Offering professional and affordable Best digital marketing services in Australia that cater to businesses from varied industry verticals, we ensure clients massive web presence. Our endeavor is to bring you as many potential customers as possible.

Search Engine Optimization

With approximately 70.6% of all traffic originating from a search engine, they have become a major source of web traffic. This means that optimizing your website for search engines will improve the traffic to your website. Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) solutions are designed to drive traffic from the search engines to your website.

Data Storage & Indexing

  • Accessible: Search engines can reach and index your website.
  • Content: Content on your website answers a search query and earns links and citations
  • Keyword Optimization: Certain keywords are placed on your website to attract search engines
  • User Experience: Your website is organized to have a faster load speed, ease of use and navigation and is accessible on a range of devices.
  • Meta data: The title, URL, and description are designed to draw higher Click-Through Rate (CTR) in the rankings. The schema and Snippet/schema mark-up are also modified suitably so that your website appears in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP)

Social Media Marketing

Social networking sites such as Facebook,InstagramTwitter, and LinkedIn are gaining increasingly popularity as more and more people use them every single day. Businesses have thus realised that using social media to increase brand awareness and consumer experience can be highly rewarding.We, at Infogenx, help your business design an effective social media marketing strategy. We create and enhance social media presence for your business. You can use your social media page to post general company news, images and videos of your products and other helpful information like tips on buying your products and customer reviews and feedback. All this is bound to increase your brand awareness and customer base.

Search Engine Marketing

Search engines have evolved to be ubiquitous tools for finding information and resources. Therefore, companies have realised that listing their brands on search engine results page can improve their business. Search Engine Marketing enables a company to improve its visibility on a search page results and therefore increase its reach to targeted audience.Our SEM solutions include tools and techniques that display your brand on top of search engine results, when users search for products and services that you offer. We integrate web analytics into our solutions to help you improve the results of your promotional campaigns. Our solutions are available for common search engine marketing platforms such as Google AdWords, Bing Ads and Yahoo Search. We also help you in building your keyword base, bidding and all other related activities.

Pay Per Click Management

Pay-Per-Click is a digital marketing model that helps businesses direct online traffic to browse, listen, view, register to, or buy its products and services. This is achieved by placing advertisements on search engines results pages, social networks and other digital media. The businesses pay a certain amount to the publishers, whenever their advertisement is clicked. Infogenx helps you design an end-to-end PPC campaign by researching and selecting relevant keywords, organizing these keywords into effective campaigns and ad groups, and setting up PPC landing pages that are optimized for conversions. With our PPC solution, you gain the following benefits.

Quick Results : PPC advertisements can deliver faster responses and drive relatively more traffic than other modes (such as SEO).

Investment: Since search engines do not charge businesses to place PPC advertisements, the investments are minimal.

Global Recognition: PPC advertisements have a wider audience reach.

E-Mail Marketing

With all modern digital marketing formats such as videos, live messengers, chatbots, and virtual reality, email marketing might seem to be outdated and ineffective. But the real metrics indicate that email has retained its charm, simply because email marketing is easier to execute and registers higher Return on Investment (ROI).

Start you Email Marketing journey with Infogenx. Our experts will help you to,

  • Build your contact list.
  • Create engaging and device-responsive content for emails.
  • Plan the marketing campaigns to different customer segments.
  • Integrate these campaigns with social media.
  • Monitor the effectiveness of the campaign.

Benefits of Our Services

Increased Web Traffic

Widening Your Target Market


Easy Navigation

Increased Leads and Conversion

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