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Effective Use of Big Data Analytics and Consulting

Effective Use of Big Data Analytics and Consulting Traditional decision-making process is replaced by today’s advanced booming technologies. In this list, Big Data plays a significant role in the consulting business. Big data has now reached every sector in the global economy. Most of the big players like Google, Amazon, and eBay are using Big […]

Infogenx – Why Ionic Application Development is better in 2019

Today, there are lots of mobile applications are developed rapidly. Most of the clients wish to work together with organizations by means of mobile phone applications.  If you are reading this blog, you might be confused about choosing a cross-platform framework for your next application development project. By 2019, Hybrid application development with Ionic plays […]

Everything You Need to Know About Data Management and Visualization

In today’s competitive business market, data plays a vital role and almost all organizations and industries agree with it. Measuring and organizing this big data may sound difficult in most of the cases and may require a lot of manual effort.Here is where data management and visualization comes in. Whether you are a small organization […]